Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brunch by the Sea

Sunday,  February 16

    A group of us met at the gate and caravaned to the Shipps Harbour Restaurant.  One of the couples had been introduced to it by another couple who stays here for months each year.  They have a great brunch menu.  A wonderful Bloody Mary bar,  which you make yourself after they bring you the glass with vodka, and unending champagne for only $4.
     I had a wonderful Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary Bar

    For appetizers I had the baked oysters.  I did not get a picture because I ate them before I thought about it!  They were delicious!   I suggest you check out the Brunch Menu.  I had the crab and brie Quesadilla.  It was amazing.

     There was a very scary incident at the RV park this evening.  Several people were in the club house playing cards when one of them noticed a motor home across the lake on fire.  The couple who owned it were in the club house.  All hell broke loose, as their two dogs were in the motorhome.  Two of the men raced there and broke the window on the door and got the dogs out and started putting water on it.  The heat pump on the roof in the bedroom had caught on fire.  Most of the damage was to the bedroom.  They had luckily shut the door to the bedroom before they left so the dogs would not get on the bed.  This contained the fire and smoke long enough to get the dogs out.  They are now staying in a motel while things are sorted out with insurance companies, etc.  Somehow they will cover the hole in the roof and drive home to St. Louis.  I had just read an RV blog about fire safety.   We got a fire extinguisher for the bedroom.  If we should have to bail out the emergency bedroom window, there should be a key hidden outside on the RV so that you can open the locked door, get the dogs out and maybe use the fire extinguisher.  Also, an extinguisher should be outside in one of the bays so it is accessible.  We know this couple and it was a rather somber day the next day.  All the "what ifs..." running through our heads.

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  1. What a disaster. Have not heard of heat pumps on roof. You have good ideas about fire extinguishers. Another suggestion is to have small sign in window by door listing emergency phone numbers.
    Stay safe