Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rain, and more Rain!

Wednesday, February 12

  It poured rain most of the night.  And we had lightning and thunder.  I kept hoping it would let up by the time the dogs got up, but around 6:30, it was still a heavy sprinkle.  We put the awning out over the door and tried to convince Babe and Beau that we could stand under the awning and they could go to the end of their leashes and potty in the grass.  But no go!  Literally.  So, we put our hoods up and ventured out.  There was standing water everywhere, but we finally got the mission accomplished.  Back in, dry and warm with their food and our coffee.
     The plans were to meet friends for lunch at the Gift Horse Restaurant.  This is the same restaurant that holds the Rotary meeting that we went to when we first got here.  They are very smart and hand out buy one get one half off coupons for the buffet.  Six of us had a very nice lunch.  They are known for their Cheesy Apples.  It is a baked apple dish with cheese baked in.  Not sure how else to explain.  I think it was a side dish, but could easily be a dessert.  It tasted like apple pie with cheese on it.  Everyone at the table like it.  I even got Al to try the fried green tomatoes.
Even the Gift Horse is ready for the Mardi Gras and the Olympics.

After the lunch, we ran home, let the dogs out and drove to the movie theater.  We got there about 10 minutes before the show started. 
     Lesson learned:  in a town full of retirees, on a rainy day, with a movie about WWII, got at least 30 minutes early.  The theater was packed.  We had to sit in the breaking rows that no one but little kids want to sit in.  We stuck it out and were glad we did.  The movie was the Monuments Men.  I understand that it has been booed by critics, but we really enjoyed it.  Guess it is just our age.  Really enjoyed seeing Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey.  George Clooney and the french guy weren't bad to look at either. 
     Got back to the iHome in time to feed the dogs, rest a bit (so hard being retired and having a social day) and then back into the car for a trip to the Squashed Grape for a wine tasting.  $5 a person for appetizers and a tasting of  wines.  They were all Alabama wines and were supposedly not  too sweet, but they were. 

It was a fun evening.  About 10 people from the RV park were there.  Next week will be a German wine tasting.  Pretty sure we will be there for that!   Back to the iHome for more Olympics.

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  1. Regardless of the rain, sounds like you had a very nice day. Glad you enjoyed the movie and that's funny about the retirees all being at the movies. :-) The cheesy apples sound interesting too.