Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday    February 8

Beautiful Day!

     It was a beautiful sunny day today.  It was a good day for exploring the area.  We have friends coming to visit us!   Two couples will be here around the end of February for a few days.  They will be staying in a condo at the beach.   The first two weeks of March, our camping buddies are going to be able to join us.  Becki has had to have neck surgery and physical therapy for an injured arm, so they were not able to come with us.  As we are in a Class A only park, we need to find them an rv park.  They have a nice travel trailer.  So, today we thought we would go scout out some parks.  We found the Gulf State Park which is across the street from the ocean in between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  Looks like a really nice place, but this weekend was pretty full.   We also found several trail heads for biking and walking that we are going to do.  It was such a nice day today that all the parking lots were full.  We will come back during the week and ride some trails!

    Found the condo our friends will stay in.  It will only take about 15 mins from our place to get there.  I see lots of food and wine in our future.
      Thought this was a pretty water tower. 

We went into the nature center at the Gulf State Park, and this little mascot was walking around the room.  I have always had a soft spot for turtles.  Always had one of those little green ones (now banned) and would love to have a great big tortoise in my back yard.   They said he roams around and then goes into the back room where his food and water is.  I really didn't think they knew how to do anything except try to cross the roads.

    The sun was shining so nicely that we came back, watched a little olympics, sat in the sun and read, and kept up with the Kansas University game.  Brit and Eli (son and grandson) were at the game and Eli got to hi five the players before the game.
     One of my FaceBook friends was hacked tonight.  Same name, except for the middle initial, picture, info, etc. all the same.  Wanted to "friend" her.  I sent a message saying I thought we were already friends and got some answer that I knew was not the way she talked.  I decided it was probably time to change my password and make it a little harder. 
She sent out a FB message warning people. 

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