Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Rotary Meeting that Wasn't!

Thursday, February 13

      There was a Rotary meeting at noon today in Perdido Bay that Al decided to go to.  We had not been in that area yet and was a good excuse to go.   We found the restaurant and went in and asked where the Rotary meeting was.  They said that it had been changed to another meeting place and they had no idea where that was.   Three other people (obviously people on vacation, like us) had come in looking for it.  The Rotary online site had not been updated by the club.  Not good.  So, we sat down and had a very nice lunch and watched the water.
Al is having a Rotary meeting of one. 

     Since we were here, we decided to drive on out to the end of this little island.  We discovered the Gulf Islands National Seashore.   We had a National Parks pass, so could zip right in without having to pay!  Another one of those old people perks.

      The shoreline was the same as deserted and the sand was a nice hard pack so it was really easy to walk on.  We didn't find any great shells, though.

     We had fun looking at our footprints in the sand.  It doesn't take much to entertain old retired people!

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