Friday, February 21, 2014

Lulu's! Jimmy Buffett's Sister

Thursday, February 21    
Foley, Alabama

     Ann and Dan from New York will be leaving tomorrow.  They are going to the factory where their motor coach was built to have a few items looked at and some renovations done if possible.   We got together to have a going away lunch at Lulu Buffet's Restaurant in Gulf Shores.  It sits on the Intercoastal Waterway.  As you can imagine, the restaurant is as much fun and quirky as Jimmy's.  We shared grilled shrimp and fried oyster basket.  Two hours passed in no time, with 8 of us sharing rv park stories, best places to visit, etc.  We always get such good information when sitting around just chatting.
Ann and Paul caught in mid bite.  We are going to miss them.

     While waiting for all the couples to arrive, Robin tried her hand at the ring game.  My family will notice that the ring is much larger than the one on the patio in Oriental, NC. 
     After lunch, we stopped at Publix and bought some more groceries.  Olympics in the evening!

Friday, February 21

     We walked over to tell Ann and Paul goodbye this morning, then got our showers as the propane people were were coming today to fill tanks.  By the time we showered and took the dogs for a walk, it was time for the US vs Canada hockey game.  The cable in our iHome does not get NBC Sports, so we walked up to the club house to see if the tv in the common area did.  It did!  Then I wandered into the big screen room and we figured out how to get that tv and all the components working so we could watch it on the huge screen.
     Al went back to the iHome and got some popcorn to pop in the clubhouse kitchen.
     I can not say enough about how nice this RV resort is and how friendly all the staff are.  While we were in the screening room, one of the office girls came in and I explained we were watching the Us play Canada.  She went back to the office and sent out an email to all the guests telling them to come and watch.  She then went into the kitchen and baked us some huge pretzels and got us drinks.  That is what I call customer service.  One other man did make it in before the game (we lost!) was over.  We may come back to watch the KU game, as no one uses the room as far as we can tell. 

     Al wanted to take a part back to Camping World, so I had him drop me off at the Tanger Outlet Mall and made my way straight to Chico's.  I don't know what I was thinking when I packed for this trip, but I sure didn't bring what I needed.  I managed to do a little damage. 
   It looks like a package just waiting for Christmas morning.   I haven't opened it yet.  It will be a big surprise to see what I bought.
    I had just enough time to take a short nap and get down to the clubhouse for bingo at 4 pm.  How many games do you suppose a person can play without winning.  I think I am on may way to find out.  At least we got free beer.

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