Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday, again and again.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014                            Bella Terra RV Resort   Foley, Al

     Bet you all thought you were finished with the Super Bowl.  I am just now catching up with my blog, so you will have to bear with me.

     At 3 pm, there was a chili cook off at the club house.  Everyone brought their favorite chili or something else to eat.   We made a trip to Walmart and the Dollar Tree.  I am not much for cooking anymore, so we decided to just bring a big bowl of popcorn.  The resort was providing beer and pop, so figured after the chili, popcorn would be a good muncher.
So, to dress up my meager offering, I bought this cute container at the Dollar Tree.

     There were 3 categories:  Mild, Medium and Hot.  Of course, I tried the hot first.
The bowls and ballots were provided.  We all had a great time tasting all the chilis and eating all the other food that was brought.  We had a betting board, not sure what you call it.  We bought two squares, and will let you know right now we got nothing!
No winning square for us.
There is a big tv room, with the comfy seating for when they have movie day.   There are movable walls so it can be one big room.  
Before the game.

The hot tub, infinity pool and lake beyond outside of the clubhouse.
      Unfortunately, they started the chili sampling way too early.  By 4:30 we had eaten and drunk all we wanted and the game didn't start til 5:30.  We had the excuse of having to go check on Babe and made our way home.  From what I understand, most of the people left about the time the game started.  They will rethink the start time next year.  

Monday:  A dog day.

     When we finally got Babe off our bed in the morning and got her outside, she was really in pain and distressed.  We started searching for vets, and were amazed at how many there were right in the area.  The lady next to us is a full-timer and has a dog, so when I saw her out I asked if she had a vet here.  They had used one that was recommended by several people here.  They opened at 8:00 and at 8:01 I was calling.  All I got was a recording saying they were open from 8 to 5.  Gave them 15 minutes and called again.  Same thing.  Finally called the emergency number.  Guess the office was hit by a power surge and knocked everything out.  The emergency lady finally connected me with the office.  They told us to come on out and they would work us in.  It took awhile, but the office and staff were so nice.  The lady vet said it was probably just a pulled muscle in her back.  Because I had given her aspirin, we could not start the anti-inflammatory/pail pills til the next morning.  But they would do a laser treatment.  We all had to wear goggles, but luckily, just Babe had to wear a muzzle.  They also ran bloodwork so had to get needle stuck.

     We got her home and then started called the pet stores trying to find a ramp we could use for the steps into the iHome.  PetCo in Pensacola had one, so off we went.  It is only about 32 miles, but takes about an hour with all the stop and go traffic.  We found the one we wanted.  After getting it back to the car we decided to go to Five Guys Burgers, as it was right there.  Never been to one, but we will definitely be back.  Back home with the ramp and a little practice with lots of carrots dangled in front of her and she mastered the ramp.

She doesn't quite understand walk to the end of the ramp.
She likes to sit on the chairs, so we used the ramp to get her up on the chair.
     So our day was mostly taken up with vet, ramp and worry.

    There was a happy hour get together at the club house at 5.  We were still full of great hamburgers, so just took our wine and no snacks.  We talked to several couples who full time.  It is always interesting hearing their stories.  

It is a Small World!
    One couple we were talking with asked where we were from.  We said Bartlesville, and they said "so are we".  He was a doctor there for 10 years and his wife is the mother of one of my oldest son's best friend.   I had never met her, even though we lived in a small town.  She was a nurse and worked and I was a stay at home mom.  She couldn't believe that we were Brit's parents, here in an RV Park at the same time in Foley, Alabama.

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