Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quiet Days

Thursday, Feb. 6

    Another trip to the grocery store.  We have been going to the Publix.  They have quality veggies, meats, etc.  Very good, but their other food is really much more expensive.  They do have a Publix brand.  We like it over Walmart because they have more of what we are use to buying.  We didn't even buy any wine or beer and it was still over $100!   I really need to learn to bring more spices so I don't have to rebuy them.

    In the afternoon there was a "finish your craft" get together.  I took my knitting as I really need to finish Al's fingerless gloves.  I have one done.  About 20 years ago I made him a set in black wool for Valentines day. I sewed little red hearts on the inside so he would always have my heart in his hands!   Wasn't that romantic?  They finally gave out with a hole in the palm.  This year I am making them out of some of my old handspun grey wool.
First glove.
 Al took his fly tying equipment to the club house.    He is trying to perfect a fly.   We stayed up there for a couple of hours.
     Roasted some chicken in our microwave/convection oven.  Have not done that yet.  Trying to use to how to use it.  The chicken turned out great.  Of course, we watched the first of the Olympic games and the last of Jay Leno.  Do have to admit I slept through parts of Jay, but did catch his "end". 

Friday: Golf and Laundry and Bingo

     That is about exciting as it gets.  We bought groceries (this seems endless, always buying groceries.  Guess it is because we have a little fridge.)  Al had an afternoon tee time and I walked and rode my bike back and forth to the laundry.  At 4 pm there was bingo in the clubhouse with free beer and pop.  I walked down and played, but didn't win a thing.  My "free" can of beer cost me $4 in bingo cards.  Don't think I came out ahead.

      The picture of the coozie is for my family.  Kind of a flat Stanley thing.

     As a side note, Al had his best day of golf since he has been here. 

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  1. Yes ma'am, that was romantic sewing a heart in the palm of his gloves !